Hi & Welcome! We are Nina & Stan, we are looking to adopt to start our family. Home study Approved & Adoption Ready!

If you, or someone you know are pregnant and thinking about adoption please contact us. Anytime day or night, any method: phone, text, email, contact form, even carrier pigeon!

Nina & Stan | Tel: +1 425-553-9917 | nsadopt@hotmail.com

Adoption Attorney: Mark Demaray | Tel: +1 425-771-6453 | markdemaray@msn.com | washingtonadoptionattorney.com

Why Us

Adoption & nontraditional families are something we are well versed in. Nina’s aunt and Stan’s dad were both adopted into our families. We know what it takes to be an adoptive family, inclusion is a must. We also know it is the right way for us to grow our family unit. We laugh a lot and have a very happy home life. We want to share that and give your child a home that is full of Love, Adventure, Education, Security and Laughter Most importantly, we want you to be well informed and absolutely comfortable making this decision.

About Us

We have been together for 11 years and married for the past 5 years. We met in London, and moved to Western Washington 3 years ago. Stan loves his career as a Software Engineer and is always pushing himself to learn more and excel. Nina is a former marketer, she currently she runs a social group for other stay at home wives and moms to get out during the day. She is really looking forward to being a stay at home mom. Together we are usually laughing and smiling, we have fun! We like doing all the usual things, going to movies, out for walks, cooking, shopping. We love our Friends and Family (“Framily”). We stay in contact anyway we can, flights to visit, Skype sessions, text messages, sharing a meal or even a game of Scrabble and a laugh. Travel is important to us. Whether is be a long haul experience to another country or a short road trip we know that travel has made us open minded, tolerant and respectful. Please know that we will provide a safe, happy, nurturing home for your child.


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